Slot machines


Huh, what? Oh, it’s you again. Nice to see you. I was just sleeping, so forgive me if I’m not all that talkative today. It may take a while for me to get myself up and running. I am like a slot machine, really. You have to play a while before you can win big. Or have you ever heard anyone winning the jackpot on their first try at a new slot machine? Doesn’t often happen, you know. You have to be sweet to the slot machine to make it spill its money beans. Or something like that. I am sorry—it is just the ramblings of an old Casinophant, nothing more.

slot machines

I did have something to say, though, before I was yet again interrupted by some involuntary thoughts that I decided to follow instead of saying what I had to say. I wanted to talk to you about online slots, because they are some of my most favourite games. In fact, they are the reason Larry the Casinophant actually became a Casinophant. Also, they are the reason why I am so dirty rich. I managed to win big. Nowadays I am so good at playing slots that I can hit the jackpot every time that I want to. In addition to this, I can also fill the screen with scatters when I want. It does take skill for sure, but when you are as experienced as I, it should not be too hard.

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Casino Slots in a Nutshell

Ah!!! Where did that title just come from! Is there someone there trying to hurry me? I dunno. But I guess I should get back to what I was supposed to say.

Casino slots in a nutshell? Well, they are supposed to be fun! Casinos are supposed to be fun as well! There are way too many people out there that do not realise this! Some people just think that you play online slots to get rich! Exclamation mark! Lol.

Just because the great Casinophant and a few others have managed to make it big doesn’t mean that you should play like your life depends upon it. It is just fun to play. This is why there are so many happy characters and stuff there on your screen. Ever wondered why the visuals are always so colourful and bright? Ever wondered why casino games, which are meant for only those of us who are adults, look so much alike with your kids’ cartoons? You would expect that games would only be bloody and gory and things like that because they are only meant for the mature audiences, right? Wrong.

The essence of all casino gaming is that they are supposed to be super fun. You play because you want to enjoy your life, your money and your day. You are playing to enhance your life, not because you want to fill your pockets with money. That is why slots machines look so endearing and childish and naïve. They are there to release our child-like side to the world.

Remember when you were a kid and all giddy about opening up your Christmas presents? Perhaps you’ve seen this happen with your son or your daughter as well. Casino games can give us that same feeling when we are waiting for those three scatters on our screen. It is like opening a present when we finally get to that bonus feature. Whether the present is what we wanted in the first place depends on how much money we will end up winning, I guess.

Okay, seems like I got pretty sentimental here. This is so unlike me. Perhaps I should just hit the sack and see if I wake up as a normal Casinophant instead of this modern poet.

I think I did dream about being Hamlet, now that I think about it…