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Oh, hi.

I wasn’t expecting you back. Are you actually liking the stuff I’m writing here? It is very nice if you are. I do not really do all that much in life. I just read books and play at new online casinos. Did you know that I have read all of Shakespeare’s books? I am rather articulate for a Casinophant, so perhaps you might have guessed. I am a cosmopolitan and a very refined gentleman.

new casinos

Enough about me, however. I kind of feel like I have two sides. Oh, there I go again about me. But I normally show this very soft-spoken side of me, but when I start talking about myself and my casino conquests, that is when everything becomes a blur. I just love talking about these things so much. I guess I am getting rather old. Still, it feels nice that you like to come back here to listen to the ramblings of an old gentleman like myself. I thank thee for that.

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Which ones are better – new casinos or old casinos?

Ah, I almost forgot that I was supposed to talk about this one important topic. As a fellow casino enthusiast, you must already know that there are millions of casinos out there. Well, probably not really millions, but it can certainly feel like that. Over the past few years, the casino industry has grown immensely. It has come to a point where new casinos are popping up left and right. Of course, man of my casino stature is not one to complain. I make my money from playing at online casinos, new and old, so the more casinos there are, the more I can make. This is due to the welcome bonuses on offer—I always use them to my advantage. For interesting new casinos in the Netherlands, please go ahead and visit this site for the latest casino offers when playing from Holland.

Now, though, I was supposed to talk about the differences between new casinos and old casinos. Which ones are better?

There are many casinos that have been around since the early 2000s. Obviously, if these casinos are still in business, there must be something great that they have done to accomplish this. It is a very, very competitive business, which makes it very easy for businessmen and entrepreneurs to fail. Everyone wants to cash in on this great fad, but not everyone can do it—and certainly not for years and years and years.

You can always have faith in old casinos. Although they might be old, that does not mean that they are wrinkled and rusty, you know? Have some respect for your elders instead of thinking that that would be the case! If a casino has been around for, say 3 to 15 years, they are a safe bet to invest your money on. Also, most of these successful casinos are keeping up with the times and making their services better all the time. It is not like casinos established before 2010 do not have great mobile casinos or live casinos!

The one thing that new casinos have on the old ones is that they are oftentimes hungrier. This means that they will come up with all sorts of promotions to capture your interest. Some old casinos aren’t really making a huge effort in trying to get new people to join as they are already in a good place, whereas new casinos have to be super active to get even their first customers to join them. This is a constant struggle for any new casinos out there.

All in all, I would suggest that you favour old casinos. There are some new casinos that are just trying to act like they are great, but old casinos have more experience and are thus kind of more trustworthy. That being said, the Casinophant has never been one to shy away from a great bonus offer if he sees one!