Jackpot casinos

Jackpot casinos – just what is that exactly? You’re here to find out, right? Well, let me indulge you, then. It is one of my favourite ways to play, for sure!

Jackpot Casinos—what are those?

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Jackpot casinos are casinos, which jackpot games in their games library! That’s just about it! Next up, you would have to find out about what jackpot games are… Again, I will tell you… in due time.

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First, let me tell you a story about when I entered my very first online jackpot casino. Of course, the receptionist and whatnot would ask me for my ID. After all, you cannot really tell an elephants age by just looking at them. I am no baby, however, and the woman at the desk seemed very surprised when I showed her my driver’s license. First off, she didn’t assume that I would have one, and secondly, it showed her that I’m definitely no spring elephant. I was born a long, long, long time ago, mind you. I won’t tell you my age, though, as you don’t really ask an elephant its age.

What are jackpot games?

But, ah, yes, I got carried away there, did I not? These grey brain cells just don’t work like they used to. Let me get back to what I was supposed to be talking about before I was so rudely interrupted by my old memories coming to mind…

Jackpot games, or should I just call them progressive jackpots, are games where you can win crazy amounts of money. And I really do mean crazy as some of these games will give you six to seven-figure sums! Like millions or tens of millions of pounds!

How does it all work, though? Progressives can offer you such great winnings because their jackpots consist of all the money people have played on them. When a player wagers money on these games (which are mostly slots, but could be video pokers, kenos and all kinds of other games as well) a small piece of every stake goes into the jackpot. This way, everyone can keep playing like they normally would and the jackpot still ends up growing and growing!

Also, I should note that there are many different kinds of jackpots there. Some of these are basically just single games where the jackpot is only winnable in one specific game in one specific casino. Then, there are also some jackpots that are linked between the same providers’ games in one specific casino. This means that you could actually end up winning the same jackpot in, say, a number of different Yggdrasil games. The third group of jackpots are so-called network jackpots that are actually linked between each and every casino that has the same game. This means that you are actually vying to win the same jackpot as all the other people in the world playing the same game at their very own online casinos! It’s actually pretty cool! And yes, I would know about being cool. I’m one hip Casinophant, after all!

Why play jackpot games?

The answer to this question here is very simple—you can win tons and tons of money by playing some of the greatest games in the whole gambling world! Why not give these games a try as you could perhaps end up winning, for example, 7 million pounds to make you dirty rich? And it’s not as if you cannot win smaller prizes here—jackpots are pretty much just a bonus win! You can have a great time and end up winning hundreds of pounds here as well!