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Howdy, howdy, folks!

It is your favourite elephant here again. It has been such a long time since you last visited, I almost forgot about who you were. Wait, are you a first-time visitor to my page? I would not really know or remember. I am as old as all those pieces of paper that you find in our old trousers’ pockets every once in a while. I just cannot remember everything. I’m sorry.

casino bonus

What was it again that I was going to talk about? I think I forgot that as well. I have mostly been playing at online casinos lately, so I kind of tend to forget about things I wanted to talk about. Oh, but now it’s all coming back to me! I was supposed to talk about online casinos—that’s what it was! Thank you for bringing online casinos up, I never would have remembered if you hadn’t. Or was it actually me who brought it up? It couldn’t have been…

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Large bonus

Why casino bonuses are great

Getting more money to gamble for is the whole reason I use casino bonuses, and it’s the same reason you should too.

Just to give you an example of why casino bonuses rock:

You deposit €40 and play on a slot with 98% RTP (return to player).

Let’s say you don’t win anything major and you bet with €1 per spin, you’re money will most likely run out in 30 minutes to 1 hour.

If you instead deposit €40 and use a deposit bonus of 100%, you have €80 to play with.

You will then be able to play for twice as long, giving you more chances to hit any potential big wins.

Sure, all casino bonuses come with wagering requirements, but it’s worth it as you can easily wager bonuses if you play on high RTP slots with low stakes.

My Story With My Casino Bonus

Okay, I might not have a great short-term memory, but I do remember the good old days. Who could ever forget the glory days when things were great? I have told you before that I am 3000 years old, right? Now, I will want to talk about a thing that happened in my life about 5 years ago. It might not come back to me straight away, so I hope you don’t mind it if I take some time.

What was I… Ah, the story about the casino bonus! It all began when I had a few extra pounds on my bank account. I think it was something closer to £1000. Yes, it was some pocket change like that. Still, I thought that if I used only a small stake of, say, £10 per spin, even this scanty amount would last me a good few spins. Of course, it isn’t really ideal to play with such small stakes, but I still decided to go for it as I was feeling a tad frugal.

Then, I realised that this one casino was offering you a 100% bonus and up to £1000 extra! I cannot remember the casino’s name for the life of me, but I really wanted to give it a go to double my deposit. So, there I was with a £2000 bonus on my gambling account. It still wasn’t very much, but at least I thought I could increase my stake to £20 or so, which did make me happier. I normally play with a 100 pound stake or more, but I did not want to lose everything too quickly this time.

Well, truth be told, it was a decent gaming day, for sure. I would go on to win closer to 30 000 pounds. The games just kept giving me bonuses and free spins and multipliers and random wilds and stacked wilds and everything that we’ve come to love about online slots. I was over the moon—not so much because of the 30 000 pounds, but because the games were treating me well. It is such a delight to play when Lady Luck is on your side. When she’s being grumpy—eh, not so much.

Well, it turned out that my bonus money had some hefty wagering requirements in place. I had to wager my initial 2000 pounds 40 times, which meant a rollover of 80 000 pounds!!! It was crazy and I still had a lot of wagering to be done! I decided to up the ante and raise the stakes to my usual level of 100 pound. Turns out I managed to do the wagering and was left with even more, with almost 43 000 pounds on my account!

Again, I was as happy as one could be with 43 000 pounds winnings, but then something bad happened. My money was taken away. I had not read the terms and conditions of the bonus where they said that I could only play with a maximum stake of £5 per spin when using the bonus. Bummer.

After this, I have always paid more attention to the terms and conditions. You never know what they might say.

The silver lining here is that I only lost 43 000 pounds.