Understanding Bonus Codes at your Favourite Casino

casino bonus codes

There is perhaps no better way to decide if you love an online casino other than trying out one or more games there for free. Trying out a game before depositing your own cash can give you some insights about the casino. Also, you also may be interested in getting some free spins to try out a game you love. Understanding casinos and the casino bonus codes is certainly one thing that every player needs to have at their fingertips. Below are some bonuses you can try out.

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Weekend Bonanza Bonus
  • Monthly Cashback Bonus

Bonus Codes for the Welcome Bonus

You just found a new casino that you are really interested in. So, what next? Signing up perhaps. After you are done filling in your details, its time to make a deposit and try out your luck. This is where the welcome bonus comes in. While some casinos may require you to make a deposit, others may decide to award you some free spins without any deposits. After this, you may require to use a bonus code to claim a deposit match or the free spins.

An example of a welcome bonus code may look like “WELKAM 2019”. You, of course, may need to use the code to activate the bonus to your account. After they have been activated, you may need to use the spins or the awarded bonus as soon as you can since it may have an expiry date. For instance, some casinos may award you free spins, usable only within 24 hours. Others may assign a deposit match that can only be used for certain slots or games.

Weekend Bonanza Bonus

If you are a seasoned gamer, you perhaps may have bumped into this bonus. Casinos understand that some iGamers may be extremely active over the weekend. As such, they may need to motivate you with a weekend bouquet. They then may communicate via email on how to qualify for the bonus and how to activate. They also may decide to have it advertised on your account too. Basically, most weekend bonuses are based on the amount you have spent at the casino during the week.

They also may base the weekend bonanza on other factors such as your wins and the type of games you played. You then get issued with a bonus code that you can use to claim your free spins. An example of a Weekend Bonanza bonus code may look like “WEEKENGBONA2019”. It is an open secret that punters love offers and bonuses. As such, you can be sure more weekend bonanzas will always be there. Some casinos also offer midweek and monthly bonanzas too.

Final Thoughts

Offers and bonuses are lifelines of most casinos. Indeed, iGamers are very keen on the bonuses a casino offers. This gives you a chance to choose from a wide array of bonuses. While some bonuses will be applied to your account automatically after meeting certain criteria, you may need to use bonus codes for others. If you are not sure how a certain bonus code works, be sure to check the FAQs page or even talk to your account manager about as well.