Newmarket Card Game

newmarket card game

Newmarket card game is often called Michigan, Stops or Boodle, and it is played by 3 to 8 players. This card game has been played for centuries and many other versions have been developed over the years. The object of the game is to get rid of all the cards that you have at hand. Also, you can aim to win as many poker chips as possible during the game.

To play the card game Newmarket, a standard 52 card deck is needed. Additionally, before you can play the Newmarket card game, stakes need to be placed before a layout. In case you are wondering what a layout is. a layout comprises of different cards that are placed in a certain order from a different deck of cards that won’t be used during the game, and it is needed for staking bets.

  • The layout of Newmarket card games comprises of Ace to J.
  • In this game, the Ace to J cards are sometimes referred to as the Boodle or pay cards.

How to set up a Newmarket card game

To set up the Newmarket card game is pretty easy and straightforward. Before the start of the game, four cards (Ace to J) from a different deck of cards is placed on the table facing upwards. Usually, the four cards used placed on the table are Ace of Heart, Jades of Spade, Queen of Diamonds and King of Clubs. After that, before the cards are dealt, each player will place three bets.

Bets placed in Newmarket card game

There are three bets in Newmarket. One bet is placed on any of the cards displayed on the table, another bet is placed on the kitty and the last bet is placed in the pot. The player that gets rid of their cards first wins the bet placed on the kitty while the player who holds a run of 3 cards of the same suits and played the run wins the bet placed in the pot.

Tips to consider before playing Newmarket card game

When the Boodle cards have been removed (Ace to J) and each player has placed the agreed bet in the pot, kitty and on each of the Boodle cards, then the game session will begin. The Ace is the highest among the cards while 2 is the lowest. The cards available in the game are A through to 2 and this is in the order of their increasing value to the hands in the game.

How to play the Newmarket card game

Once the games begin, the dealer deals all the cards out the each of the players. The player to the left side of the dealer will start the game by dropping the smallest card of any suit. The next player needs to drop the highest card of the same suit. The card played which no player can follow is known as the stop card, and the player that plays the stop card starts the next round.


Newmarket card game is otherwise known as Boodle, Stops or Michigan, played by 3 to 8 players. To play this game, one needs a standard 52 cards deck, and poker chips are needed to keep track of the player that is winning. Whenever a player runs out of card, the game ends. In order ot terminate the game, you either remove the cards once their stake money is claimed or don’t replace the Pot and Kitty once claimed.