Casino Games: PCs, Phones and Beyond

mobile casino game

Translating card games like poker into their computer versions doesn’t sound like a difficult task. After all, there are rule books, and people are already familiar with how to play them. It turns out that it’s not the game mechanics that are hard to duplicate. A computer game doesn’t have the same emotional or social experience as the real thing. Without those elements, card and casino games feel flat and dull.

Game developers got to work. The first Windows games were pixelated and childish by today’s standards, but they were playable. They proved that bridge, euchre, poker, solitaire, and even slots could be emulated. Even thought they were never the most popular, these games have held their own. In recent years, casino games have found a new home – online. To the delight of players, it’s a great fit.

First Computer Casino Games

In 1989, Sierra Entertainment released Hoyle’s Official Book of Games. It included six games – Gin Rummy, Old Maid, Klondike Solitaire, Crazy Eights, Cribbage, and Hearts. On the screen were 18 computer opponents like Bulldog, Colonel Dijon, and Princess Rosella. The game talk was sometimes serious but more often humorous. Over 250,000 copies were sold.

After this initial success, there was no turning back. There have been numerous versions of Hoyle’s card and casino games for Windows and Mac computers. Computer games were ideal for anyone wanting to learn how to play casino games. They could have fun playing while learning at their own pace. Freecell, a computerized card game, was used to monitor cognitive health (memory and concentration) among senior citizens.

Consoles and Kiosks

Card games have not been left out of the console gaming world either. Casino games don’t top the charts for Playstation or Xbox, but they’re there. World Championship Cards and Golden Nugget 64 sit on the shelf next to Mario Kart and Castlevania.

It wasn’t uncommon at bars and restaurants for a poker or keno arcade game to stand next to a cocktail table arcade game. They were good for killing time while waiting for a table. They could be played, but they didn’t grab the imagination or cause excitement among players like a real game session would.

Becoming Portable

Battery-operated handheld games introduced convenience and immediacy. No longer were players stuck behind a desk or left moving and tapping with console controllers. They could lounge on the sofa or bed. They could grab a quick game while standing in line at the store. It was easy. It was fun.

The introduction of tablets and mobile phones added power and variety to handheld gaming. Modern mobile games have amazing graphics and smooth animations. There are games with crossover themes like Monopoly Slots – win bonuses and earn coins from each property. There are more card and casino games in the Apple App Store or Google Play store than there ever was in PC or console store shelves. The simplicity of gameplay makes these types of games ideal for phones and tablets. Players can enjoy them when and where they want to.

Online is Best

Where console games were initially aimed at kids, teens, and young adults, portable devices opened the way for more adult gaming. However, one ingredient of real gaming was still missing from the digitized versions – social interaction. No avatar or computer player can replace a human being. The maturation of the internet has eliminated this deficit.

The internet has brought gaming to the masses, but it has also matched the masses to the games. With multiplayer games on platforms like Steam, one session of Texas Hold’em could have players from London, Dallas, Tokyo, Sydney, and Montreal. Online casinos have thrived outside of the general gaming sites.

Convenience and Variety

With online casinos, there’s no need to travel or spend money on a hotel and meals. Online casinos specialize in games and offer a lot of them. They have better promotions than other gaming sites. Reward points add up rapidly, and the range of no deposit bonuses on offer is considerable. These bonuses give players more chances to win without risking real money. They get more time to play the games they enjoy most.

If you get the itch to stroll into a casino for baccarat or roulette after watching a James Bond movie, you know how to get there. Get online and browse through a dizzying array of choices. Some sites have dozens of slot machine games to try. Think of it as Vegas at home.